Spherification Kit

Spherification Kit
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A fun chemistry exploration that creates colorful spheres that are edible too!


"Thankfully the teacher recommended your site to start with. We wouldn't have even known where to start. The site gave my daughter so many different ideas to choose from. She was able to narrow her choices to 3 totally different projects and she ultimately choose the spherification project. She loved it because it involved science and food - 2 of her favorite things."

- Parent, Port Saint Lucie, FL



Combining flavor, fun, and chemistry, our spherification kit is a great and tasty introduction to food science! The kit contains food-grade versions of three chemicals used in molecular gastronomy recipes to turn liquids and semi-solids (like juice and yogurt) into tasty spheres that pop in your mouth. We've included a syringe to simplify the making of uniform small balls, but you can make larger food spheres using a tablespoon from your kitchen.

By following the simple instructions in our food science spherification projects, students can enjoy hours of chemistry exploration for fun at home or for a science fair project. The kit has enough materials to do several of the projects or multiple repeats of a favorite project—and all the results are edible!

As a bonus, this same kit can be used to do an unusual human biology project. Using the chemicals in the kit and some colored water, students can model how blood clotting works and experiment to see what factors disrupt normal blood clotting.

Each kit contains: 

 50 grams    Sodium alginate, food grade
 50 grams  Calcium chloride, food grade
 50 grams  Sodium citrate, food grade
 1  60 cc plastic syringe

Instructions for this kit are available online, see Additional Information for links to the instructions and more.

You will also need from home:

Depending on which project you are doing, a blender, graph paper, water, food scale, food items, and common kitchen utensils may be needed. Please consult the instructions for each project for a complete list of additional materials.

Additional Information


Instructions Instructions are available online: Spherification Kit Instructions
Area of Science Chemistry, Cooking & Food Science
Grade Level Grades 6-8
NGSS Alignment No

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Tasty food science project!
Being able to make your own juice balls was really cool. My students are boba fans and really enjoyed this project. We ended up with some balls, some stringy snakes, and some things in between.
Review by Taylor / (Posted on 9/8/2016)