Microbial Fuel Cell

Microbial Fuel Cell
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Generating electricity from mud? It's a dirty little secret, but it's true!  We've collected all the supplies you need to build and test your own microbial fuel cells.

Ideal for grades 6+



Check out this promising form of alternative energy with our Microbial Fuel Cell kit. Developed exclusively for Science Buddies, this kit contains two microbial fuel cells so you can run simultaneous tests, compare different soil conditions, and more!

Simply pack the fuel cell vessels with mud, align the anodes and cathodes as directed in our project instructions, and sit back and wait for the bacteria in the mud to make electricity! The kit includes hacker boards that sit on top of the microbial fuel cells allowing you to power LED lights or a combined clock/thermometer (included in the kit) from the energy you generate. A digital multimeter is also included so you can make exact measurements to determine the amount of power you are generating daily. This kit is a fun and easy introduction to a cutting-edge topic in alternative energy! 

Each kit contains: 

2   Microbial Fuel Cell vessel
2 Anode
2 Cathode
2 8-pin hacker board with voltage-boosting chip and circuitry for making additional electronics connections
2 Capacitors
1 Combined digital clock/thermometer
7 Standalone resistors
2 Alligator clip leads
2 Jumper wires
1 Digital multimeter
1 Nitrile gloves, pair


Instructions for this kit are available online, see Additional Information for links to the instructions and more.

You will also need from home: 
Topsoil, water, measuring spoons, bowls, and a measuring cup. Specific items, like salt or urine, are needed for certain projects. Please consult the instructions for each Microbial Fuel Cell kit project for a complete list of additional materials.

Additional Information



Instructions are available online:  Microbial Fuel Cell Kit Instructions

For troubleshooting tips please see:  Frequently Asked Questions


Area of Science Energy & Power
Grade Level Grades 6-8, Grades 9+
NGSS Alignment MS-PS1-2, MS-PS3-4, MS-LS2-3

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Really unique
I've used these before and they are amazing. A really unique kit. The science behind it is fascinating. The App is a nice addition too.
Review by Zimty / (Posted on 10/12/2016)