Maglev Train Kit

Maglev Train Kit
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Build your own maglev train and experiment to see how large a load the train can carry. At the intersection of science and model making, this kit serves as a fun introduction to physics with magnets and magnetic levitation.

Ideal for grades 2+


"I loved the specific additional information that was suggested for further research so the project could be unique to him even though it was from a kit. The absolute best way we've ever done a science fair project and I wish I would've found your website and products years ago!! We will definitely only use this website and these products for any and all upcoming projects. Thank you so much!"

-Parent, Murrieta, CA



Maglev trains are a fascinating bit of physics. Trains capable of travelling upwards of 260 miles per hour, while literally floating above the tracks. With this kit, you can explore how magnetic levitation works to propel a train as you build your own maglev train, and experiment with how much of a load it can carry. Use the easy to follow online instructions for  The Amazing Floating Train: How Much Weight Can A Maglev Train Hold? or design your own experiment. 

Part model making and science exploration, this kit serves as a fun introduction to physics with magnets and magnetic levitation. 

Each kit contains:

 2  24" magnetic strips
 2  5" magnetic strips
 2  24" clear plastic angles
 1  Wooden block
 3  Nails
 1  Compass
 1  Iron filings
 10  Rectangular magnets
 6  Disk magnets
 6  Ring magnets
 1  Neodymium magnet
 1  6" wood dowel


This kit is compatible with a couple of different Science Buddies projects.  Please see our Maglev Train Kit Instructions for a full list of projects.

You will also need from home:

Depending on the project you are doing, you will need additional household items such as tape, scissors, rulers, etc.  Please see the materials list for your chosen project for additional items needed to complete the project.


Additional Information


Instructions Instructions are available online: Maglev Train Kit Instructions
Area of Science Physics
Grade Level Grades 2-3, Grades 4-5, Grades 6-8
NGSS Alignment No