Hydroponics Terrarium

Hydroponics Terrarium

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Try this fun science project and explore how to grow plants hydroponically! With the hydroponics dome you can grow plants in water and see if they differ from those grown in soil.

"My son enjoyed using the HydroDome. Very kid friendly directions and he ended up placing in the top three at regionals this weekend! Thank you! "

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Plants need sunlight and nutritious soil to grow and be healthy, right? Not always! Hydroponics is the science of growing plants in nutrient-rich water. How does it work? Try this hydroponics terrarium and see for yourself! This terrarium includes all the items needed to grow plants in water. Use the terrarium for the Science Buddies plant biology project Hydroponics: Gardening Without Soil, or use it to design your own hydroponics science project.

Each kit contains:

 1   Sprouting and growing dome
 1 Hydroponic rack
 1 Hydro-pump
 4 Net pots
 4 Rock-wool cubes
 1 Bag part A nutrient: 1.5oz
 1 Bag part B nutrient: 1.5oz
 1 Pack assorted lettuce seeds
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Project directions for Hydroponics Projects are available online.

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