Sensors Kit

Sensors Kit
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Have you ever wondered how smart devices, such as your cell phone or video game controller, know how to respond to color, light, touch or other external conditions? It’s all about the sensors, and with this kit you’ll get to build and test your own electronic “sensing” devices.

Ideal for grades 6+



Electronic sensors are in smart devices all around you, such as your cell phone or video game controller.  Sensors create the critical link between the physical world and computers by allowing computers to detect changes in color, light, magnetism, moisture, and more!  In order to build automated devices, it’s important to understand how sensors work and how to interpret a sensor's output.  This kit lets you imagine, build, and explore a variety of “sensing” devices – the perfect introduction to the world of electronic sensors. 

To get you started on your exploration of electronic sensors our scientists have created 11 projects that utilize the three core sensors included in this kit.   With each project, you will learn to build a circuit for your sensor, measure the results, and put your sensor to work in an experiment.  We’ve used quality electronic components that will stand up to repeated use, so you can choose to build and test all of the different sensors we’ve come up with, and even go on to invent your own real world applications! 

Each Kit Contains:

1    Digital multimeter with test leads
1 Solderless breadboard (3.3”L x 2.1”W)
1 9 V alkaline battery
1 9 V battery snap connector 
1 MPF102 Transistor
10 10 MΩ resistor (brown, black, blue, gold stripes) 
10  100 kΩ resistor (brown, black, yellow, gold stripes) 
10  470 Ω resistor (yellow, purple, brown, gold stripes)
10  220 Ω resistor (red, red, brown, gold stripes)
4011 NAND gate integrated circuit (IC)
1 LM7805 voltage regulator 
A1302 Hall effect sensor 
10  Red LED 
High-brightness white LED 
1 MΩ potentiometer 
Alligator clip leads 
Pack jumper wires (assorted) 


Instructions for this kit are available online, see Additional Information for links to the instructions and more.

You will also need from home:

Depending on the sensor you choose to build, you will need some additional supplies. Please consult the instructions for each project for a complete list of additional materials.

Additional Information


Instructions Instructions are available online: Sensors Kit Instructions
Area of Science Electricity & Electronics
Grade Level Grades 6-8, Grades 9+
NGSS Alignment No