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Grasping with Straws: Make a Robot Hand

Grasping with Straws: Make a Robot Hand

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Kit Contents

 20 Drinking straws
 10 Rubber washers
 1 Upholstery thread, spool
 2 Polymer clay
 2 Sewing needle
 1 Nitrile gloves, pair
 2 Rubber bands
 1 Ping pong ball

Printed instructions are not included with the science kit. Project directions are available online.

You will also need from home:
- Glue
- Craft knife
- Fine-tipped permanent marker
- Scissors

Product Description

Project Difficulty: Intermediate
Project Length: Several days
Project Instructions: Grasping with Straws Projects

Tackle the ultimate design challenge in robotics—create your own grasping hand! This kit contains all the supplies you need to create bendable fingers out of drinking straws. You'll be amazed at how much spring back and motion the fingers have using the heavy duty upholstery thread we've included in this kit. The step-by-step instructions in our Grasping with Straws: Make a Robot Hand Using Drinking Straws project show you how to create the fingers, but this open-ended engineering design kit lets you get creative with the number of fingers and the positioning of the fingers on your homemade hand. Once your hand is complete, test its abilities using the included ping pong ball. Will your hand be able to pick up the ball? What other objects can your hand grab well?

We've included enough materials to make two hands so you can try different designs. Make a hand for each arm, or share the building fun with a friend!