Chemistry of Ice Cream Making

Kit Contents

 7 Test tubes
 1 Test tube rack
 6 Tripour beakers, 250 mL
 1 Graduated cylinder, 100 mL
 1 Gram balance, accurate to 0.1 gram
 1 Thermometer, 6"
 2 Stir rods
 1 Salt, 26 oz
 1 Sugar, 1 lb
 1 Foam cup
 1 Teaspoon, metal
 1 Lab notebook
You will also need from home:
- Water
- Ice

Chemistry of Ice Cream Making

Price: $64.95
Project Difficulty: Advanced
Project Length: Several days
Project Instructions: Chemistry of Ice Cream Making project

In order to make smooth, creamy ice cream you have to freeze it uniformly and quickly. But the freezing point of ice cream is lower than the usual freezing point of water (0º C). So how can those old-fashioned, hand crank ice cream machines use water to completely cool the ice cream mixture? Simple, they lower the freezing point of the water. Find out how with this ice-cold science project.

This food science kit contains everything you need to experiment with adding different substances to water in an attempt to lower its freezing point. Test tubes, beakers, a gram balance and thermometer make it easy for you to accurately measure the process.

This kit follows the procedures from the Science Buddies chemistry project Chemistry of Ice Cream Making: Lowering the Freezing Point of Water.

For troubleshooting tips for this kit, please read this science project’s FAQ's.

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