Solar-Powered Water Desalination

Kit Contents

 2Clear plastic rectangular containers with predrilled holes
 2Plastic cups with pre-drilled holes
 1Graduated cylinder, 25ml
 1Beaker, tri-pour 800 ml
 1Stick of Modeling clay
 1Thermometer, 6", C scale
 2Funnel, small, 5 ml
 2Straw, flexible
 2Washer, flat, steel, 7/16
 2Rubber band
 1Table salt, 50 gm
 3Construction paper, black, 8 1/2" x 11"
 3Construction paper, white, 8 1/2" x 11"
 1Lab Notebook

Solar-Powered Water Desalination

Price: $54.95
Project Difficulty: Intermediate
Project Length: 1 week
Project Instructions: Solar-Powered Water Desalination project

How can seawater from the oceans be turned into fresh water that is suitable for people to drink? Through a process called desalination! With this environmental science kit you will make a solar desalination apparatus that uses a power source that is free – the sun!

This science fair project kit contains all the materials you need to build the desalination chamber. We’ve pre-drilled the holes in the rectangular containers and the cups so you’ll spend less time setting up the experiment and more time learning the science. How much water can the device produce, and is it still salty at all? Will the color of the bottom of the chamber affect its performance? Use this kit to answer these questions and more!

This kit follows the procedures from the Science Buddies environmental science project Solar-Powered Water Desalination.

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