Build your own mini motion powered generator to light up LEDs

Shaking Up Some Energy

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Kit Contents

 1 30 AWG magnet wire, ΒΌ pound spool containing 825 feet of wire
 6 12 x 3 mm neodymium magnets
 10 Red LED lights
 1 1.9 x 1.3 inch solderless breadboard
 2 Alligator clip leads

Printed instructions are not included with the science kit. Project directions are available online.

You will also need from home:
- Safety glasses
- Cardstock, 8.5 x 11 inch sheet
- Corrugated cardboard, 3 x 6 inch
- Scissors
- Hobby knife or utility knife
- Ruler
- Pen or pencil
- Scotch tape
- Fine-grit sandpaper, 2 x 2 inch piece
- Craft glue
- Optional: power drill

Product Description

Project Difficulty: Intermediate
Project Length: 1-3 days
Project Instructions: Human-Powered Energy

Build your own mini, motion powered generator!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create electricity? Science Buddies scientists developed this kit to provide a straightforward and fun introduction to the science of how magnetic fields can be used to create electricity. You will learn about magnetic induction and how it can be used to generate electricity.

This kit includes all the electronic parts you need to build your own mini motion activated generator. Science Buddies easy-to-follow online instructions will support you as you build a basic motion powered generator and experiment with the amount of power generated. How many magnets and how much shaking will it take to light up one LED light? How about two, three, or four LEDs?

For troubleshooting tips, please read this project's FAQ's.