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Squishy Circuits Kit

Squishy Circuits Kit

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Kit Contents

1 Conductive play dough recipe
1 Insulating play dough recipe
1 DC hobby motor
1 Piezoelectric buzzer
1 Mechanical buzzer
1 4 AA Battery Pack
25 Jumbo LEDs (5 each in red, green, white, yellow, and blue)

Printed instructions are not included with the science kit. Project directions are available online.

You will also need from home:
- AA batteries (4)
- Mixing bowl
- Measuring spoons
- Measuring cups
- Spoon or spatula
- Pot and stovetop
- Ingredients to make conductive and insulating play dough:
    - Tap water
    - Distilled water
    - Vegetable oil
    - Cream of tartar
    - Flour
    - Salt
    - Sugar
    - Food coloring
- Airtight food storage bags or containers

Product Description

Project Length: 1 week
Project Difficulty: Beginner - Intermediate
Project Instructions: Squishy Circuits Projects

Combine the fun of play dough with the amazement of light, sound, and motion with this introductory circuits kit. The kit, which includes LEDs (lights), buzzers, a motor, and the recipes to make both conductive and insulating play dough from common kitchen ingredients, is simple to use and good for both science projects and playtime. A trio of engaging Project Ideas, starting with Electric Play Dough Project 1: Make Your Play Dough Light Up, Buzz, and Move! provide all the background information you need to understand circuits.

All you need to do is mix up some play dough, install batteries, and you are ready to start exploring. The metal wires (leads) of the components in the kit are reinforced making them easier to insert in to the play dough and sturdy enough for even young children to use. The jumbo sized LEDs are bright and come in a variety of fun colors making for lots of artistic choice. What will you create with this kit?