Build a simple electric motor
Build a simple electric motor
Build a simple electric motor Kit includes components to build either an electric motor or generator Build and test a small generator to see how many LEDs it can power

Electric Motor and Generator

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Did you know you can make a simple motor by connecting a coil of wire to a battery?

With the Electric Motor and Generator kit, students make their own electromagnet motor that spins because of the attracting and repelling properties of magnets. After creating a working Beakman motor, students can investigate how changes to the design of the motor cause it to spin at different speeds—or in different directions! The kit also comes with enough components to enable students to extend the exploration by building a small generator capable of lighting up several LED lights!

Directions for three different projects (a simple Beakman motor and two generator building projects) are available on the Science Buddies website.

 1 Bolt, long;
 2 Compasses (rotating magnets) l
 1 Cork
 6 Disc Magnets
 3 Hex Nuts
 3 Iron cores, soft
 1 Iron filings, tube
 2 Latch magnets
 2 LED (light emitting diode)
 1 Magnet wire on a spool
 2 Nails, 4d common
 2 Nails, 4d finishing
 2 Nails, 6d finishing
 1 Nail, 16d common
 6 Neodymium magnets
 2 Paperclips, large
 6 Paperclips, small
 2 Plates for rotors
 2 Plastic tubes, 1 ½”
 1 Sandpaper, sheet of fine
 2 Screws, long wood
 2 Screws medium wood
 4 Screws, small wood (for the plates)
 1 Spring
 1 Wood block, predrilled

Printed instructions are not included in the science kit. Project directions are available online.

Project Length: One week
Project Difficulty: Intermediate
Project Instructions: Building Motors and Electric Generators

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