The Strength of an Electromagnet

Kit Contents

 1 Enamel-coated magnet wire, 30 gauge (75 feet)
 2 Alligator clip leads
 4 Iron bolts
 1 1 Lantern battery, 6V

You will also need from home:
- 220 grit sandpaper
- Masking tape
- Box of steel paper clips (about 100 count)
- Scissors or wire cutters
- Optional: shallow plastic container, slightly longer and wider than the iron bolts

The Strength of an Electromagnet

Price: $24.95
Project Difficulty: Beginner
Project Length: Several days
Project Instructions: The Strength of an Electromagnet project

You may be familiar with permanent magnets—the kind that hang on a refrigerator. But did you know that other magnets, called electromagnets, can be turned on and off? When turned on, electromagnets act just like permanent magnets, but if you turn them off, their magnetic properties disappear. Doorbells often contain electromagnets!

With this physics science kit, you will make an electromagnet and investigate how the strength of its magnetic field changes with its design. The kit contains enough magnet wire and iron bolts to build 4 different electromagnets. How many paper clips can each magnet hold?

For troubleshooting tips for this kit, please read this science project’s FAQ's.

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