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Crime Scene Chemistry

Crime Scene Chemistry

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Kit Contents

 3 Reaction plate
 1 Wax pencil
 1 Powdered aspirin, 5 gm
 1 Unknown presumed to be sugar, 5 gm
 1 Unknown presumed to be salt, 5 gm
 1 Unknown presumed to be cornstarch, 5 gm
 1 Distilled water, 10 mL
 1 Sodium Hydroxide 1M, 10 mL
 1 Ferric nitrate 0.2M, 10 mL
 1 Lugol's iodine, 5 mL
 1 MSDS sheets
 1 Gloves, disposable

Printed instructions are not included with the science kit. Project directions are available online.

Product Description

Project Difficulty: Intermediate
Project Length: 1 day
Project Instructions: Crime Scene Chemistry project

Get hands-on experience as a forensic scientist!

Learn basic chemical analysis techniques used by forensic scientists as you are challenged to identify a mysterious substance. Using a reaction plate, you will explore the physical and chemical properties of an unknown substance to determine whether it is sugar, salt, cornstarch, or aspirin. You will look for:

  • physical properties (color, crystalline appearance, etc.)
  • solubility in water
  • reaction with iron nitrate
  • reaction with Lugol’s iodine

The experimental tests included in the kit are easy to perform, safe, reliable, and are a perfect way for a budding chemist to learn about chemical analysis, a fundamental technique for any chemist. A fun introduction to real-world chemistry!