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Electrolyte Challenge

Electrolyte Challenge

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"The experiment content and directions were perfect! It was great that a kit was available for purchase versus me going out to find the supplies. My son's project came in 4th place out of 150 science fair projects!"
-M. Dixon, Waldorf, MD

Kit Contents

1 Digital multimeter
1 Copper wire, bare, 24-gauge (5 feet) 
1 9-V battery
1 9-V battery clip
2 Alligator clip leads (colors may vary)
1 1K Ohm resistor

Printed instructions are not included with the science kit. Project directions are available online.

You will also need from home:
- Orange juice
- Coconut water or other beverage with electrolytes
- Tap water
- Distilled water (available at grocery stores)
- Disposable plastic straw
- Scissors
- Small plastic, glass, or ceramic bowls (8)
- Masking tape or labels
- Permanent pen or marker
- Paper towels

Product Description

Project Length: Several days
Project Difficulty: Advanced
Project Instructions: Electrolyte Challenge project

It's easy to find sports drinks on the sidelines of sporting events. One of the featured benefits of these drinks is electrolytes, which your body loses as you sweat. Do sports drinks really provide more electrolytes than other drinks such as orange juice? Use this chemistry science kit to find out!

With this kit, you will learn about electrolytes and how you can measure their concentration in a solution. We've included all the materials to build your own homemade electrolyte sensor. Does Gatorade have more electrolytes than orange juice? How many electrolytes are in coconut water, the latest sports drink fad? Answer these questions, then experiment with different recipes to create your own sports drink!

The kit follows the procedures in the Science Buddies chemistry project Electrolyte Challenge.  

For troubleshooting tips, please read this project's  FAQ's.