Orange Juice Titration Kit

Kit Contents

1 Juicer
1 Cheesecloth, 18" x 18" 
1 Vitamin C tablets (250 mg), pack/5
1 Masking tape 
1 Permanent marker 
1 Goggles, Chemical Splash, ANSI Certified
1 Lab apron, rubberized
1 Lugol's iodine solution, 30 mL
1 Soluble starch, 30 g
1 Funnel, small, plastic
1 50 mL graduated cylinder, poly
1 500 mL graduated cylinder, poly
1 50 mL Ehrlenmeyer flask, glass
1 50 mL burette, acrylic
1 Ring stand, 4x6 base, 18 inch rod
1 Buret clamp, Lincoln style
2 Plastic eyedropper 
1 Measuring scoop
2 Glass bottle, 8 oz, amber
1 Beaker, glass, 100 mL
2 Nitrile gloves, standard, pair
1 MSDS Sheets
1 Lab notebook

Orange Juice Titration Kit

Price: $119.95
Project Length: 1-2 weeks
Project Difficulty: Advanced
Project Instructions: Which Orange Juice Has the Most Vitamin C project
Do Oranges Lose or Gain Vitamin C After Being Picked project

This kit contains all the lab and safety equipment needed to learn the basics of titration, which is a common technique in chemistry.  Titration is a way to measure the unknown amount of a chemical in a solution (the titrant) by adding a measured amount of a chemical with a known concentration (the titrating solution).  With the chemicals provided in this kit, you will be able to experiment with vitamin C concentrations, looking at which type of orange juice contains the most vitamin C or how quickly oranges lose their vitamin C after being picked.  The kit contains everything you need for either one of these experiments.  This is the perfect kit for an aspiring chemist interested in learning basic lab techniques.

For troubleshooting tips for Which Orange Juice Has the Most Vitamin C, please read these FAQ's.

For troubleshooting tips for Do Oranges Lose or Gain Vitamin C After Being Picked, please read these FAQ's.

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