Use antibodies to identify unknown synthetic "blood types"
Use antibodies to identify unknown synthetic "blood types"

How are Antibodies Used for Blood Typing?

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"Without the kit I don't know where we would have got the supplies."
-Kathleen, Menifee, CA

Discover what it is like to work in a real clinical laboratory with this hands-on biochemistry kit!

Every day in hospitals all over the world, patients receive life-saving blood transfusions. Without the ability to test and classify blood by types, those transfusions would kill more patients than they save. With this kit, students can learn about basic human biology like antibodies and blood types while exploring how biochemical assays can give doctors critical information. Best of all, we’ve specifically designed this kit to mimic real laboratory work without the need for expensive high-tech equipment and without the safety concerns associated with handling human blood. The kit uses synthetic blood samples that are functionally similar to real blood but are completely safe for handling and student use.

This kit is designed for use with the procedures in the Science Buddies biochemistry project How are Antibodies Used for Blood Typing?.

Each kit contains:

 4 Synthetic blood samples (these are not real blood and are safe for student use)
 4 Disposable plastic pipettes
 4 Blood typing slides
 1 Antisera type A (blue)
 1 Antisera type B (yellow)
 1 Anti-Rh factor
 12 Mixing sticks
 1 Chemical splash goggles
 1 Disposable gloves (pair)

Printed instructions are not included in the science kit. Project directions are available online.

Project Difficulty: Intermediate
Project Length: 1 day
Project Instructions: How are Antibodies Used for Blood Typing project

For troubleshooting tips, please read this project's FAQ's.

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