How are Antibodies Used for Blood Typing?

Kit Contents

 4 Synthetic blood samples (these are not real blood and are safe for student use)
 4 Disposable plastic pipettes
 4 Blood typing slides
 1 Antisera type A (blue)
 1 Antisera type B (yellow)
 1 Anti-Rh factor
 12 Mixing sticks
 1 Chemical splash goggles
 1 Gloves, pair
 1 Lab notebook

How are Antibodies Used for Blood Typing?

Price: $44.95
Project Difficulty: Intermediate
Project Length: 1 day
Project Instructions: How are Antibodies Used for Blood Typing project

Do you know your blood type? That’s an important piece of information if you ever want to donate blood or you need to receive blood in a medical emergency. How can a hospital tell what type of blood you have? Do this science fair project to find out.

With this biochemistry science kit you will learn about antibodies - how they are formed and how they can be used to identify different types of cells. The kit contains 4 synthetic “blood samples” (not real blood) with unknown blood types. You will use the included anti-sera to determine if the samples are type A,B, AB or O as well as their Rh factor.

This kit follows the procedures from the Science Buddies biochemistry project How are Antibodies Used for Blood Typing?.

For troubleshooting tips, please read this project's FAQ's.

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