catapult, science project, trebuchet, build catapult, launch catapult Ping Pong Catapult
Ping Pong Catapult is a fun way to learn about physics and math
Ping Pong Catapult is a fun way to learn about physics and math
Ping Pong Catapult is a fun way to learn about physics and math Use the catapult to study the science behind a perfect football kick Explore the physics of baseball and hit charts with the Ping Pong Catapult Ping Pong Catapult offers precise measurements ideal for science projects

Ping Pong Catapult

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"The catapult kit was excellent. It shoots ping-pong balls repeatably, with the goal of creating histograms of the results. Thanks so much for making this project a success!"

With this rubber-band powered catapult you'll send ping pong balls flying through the air to learn about physics and math.

Designed by professors at the University of Pennsylvania, this catapult is ideally suited for scientific exploration. Unlike most wooden catapults, this catapult allows you to easily reproduce a precise launch angle, and measure the amount of force applied to a projectile. This level of precision provides you with valid data, which can be used to explore all kinds of different scientific questions, while having fun launching projectiles through the air!

To get you started, Science Buddies scientists have created a series of Ping Pong Catapult Projects, providing easy-to-follow online instructions for science fair projects that use the catapult. Use one of the Science Buddies project ideas for your project, or use them as inspiration to create your own unique physics or math exploration!

1 Catapult with locking pin
1 Clamp for attaching catapult to table
1 Ping pong ball
1 Light plastic ball with holes
3 Rubber band, 3" x 1/8"

Printed instructions are not included in the science kit. Project directions are available online.

You will also need from home:
Please review the "materials" tab for the project you have chosen for additional items that might be required.

Project Length: Several days
Project Difficulty: Intermediate
Project Instructions: Ping Pong Catapult Projects

For troubleshooting tips, please read this project's FAQ's.
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